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Boca Barranca Surf Spot Guide

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Double Tree Hilton
Double Tree Hilton close to Boca Barranca

After Pavones Boca Barranca is the longest left of Costa Rica and the third longest left in the world!

This is a perfect longboard wave, but you still can have fun on a short board. The Rabbit Kekai Longboard Contest is held here every year.

Boca Barranca is best surfed at low tide. The wave is surfable with swell from the South and Southwest, best with swell from the South. The surf spot is right at the river mouth of the Rio Barranca. Especially in the rainy season, which lasts from May till November in Costa Rica, the water can be dirty. If you have open cuts it’s possible to get infections.

With the new road, the 27, this surf spot is easily accessed from San Jose.

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