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Playa Agujas Surf Spot Guide

Hotels in Playa Agujas

Hotel Majolana Villas
Hotel Majolana Villas in Playa Agujas

This wave, a point break, occasionally breaks to the left during low tide.

The bottom here is sandy with rocks. The swell has to come from the Northwest or the South.

Photos of Playa Agujas

Surfing the gentle wave of Playa Agujas.

Playa Agujas offers a perfect wave for longboarders.

The take-off zone at this surf spot is next to a series of rocks, they are exposed behind the stand up paddle board surfer.

Playa Aguajas is situated in a well protected bay, a reason why SUP-tours like to start from here.

Surfing the point break of Playa Agujas.

Hanging Five at Playa Agujas.



Playa Agujas on the map