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Pavones Surf Spot Guide

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La Ponderosa
La Ponderosa in Pavones

Pavones is one of the best known waves of Costa Rica. The wave is famous for long rides. It is the second longest left in the world. But the swell has to come from the South to create such a perfect wave. When the conditions are perfect it gets crowded in Pavones. One has the best possibilities to surf Pavones with less people when one arrives before the perfect swell. On the second day with perfect swell it is already much more crowded. Better road conditions make it easier for surfers from the Central Valley, and other locations in Costa Rica, to get to Pavones fast.

The Pavones wave can be surfed at any tide, the bottom is rocky. You will notice that wile you walk out, it can be a bit painful.

When the swell comes from Southwest there is still surf at Pavones, it’s just not so good. To create this perfect long left wave the swell has to come from the South. Otherwise the sections don’t connect. Pavones can hold solid swells.

Photos of Pavones

A small day in Pavones, but the lines of the waves are still clean.

Surfing the wave of Pavones during a windy session.

A longboarder enjoying the long left from the second peak.

When it is small lots of surfers catch the waves at the second section.



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