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Esterillos Centro (La Felicidad) Surf Spot Guide

The surf spot is right in front of the hotel La Felicidad, the hotel is closed at the moment. The locals call this spot just centro. You will find the best waves here during mid upcoming tide.

The waves here are steeper than in Esterillos Oeste. The lefts and rights break over a sandy bottom. Later in the morning the wind starts to blow onshore and the waves get blown out.
Watch out for crocodiles here, especially during the rainy season. They get washed out of the rivers and can swim in the ocean!

Photos of Esterillos Centro

Surfing at Esterillos Centro.

A cameraman filming a surfer out of the water.

Surfing the beachbreak of Esterillos Centro.

A surfer making use of the whitewater.

You can surf to the right and to the left at Esterillos Centro.

Leaning into the bottom turn.

A bodyboarder having fun.

Taking off on a right-hander.

A surfer at Esterillos Centro.

Getting some air.



Esterillos Centro on the map