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Witches Rock Surf Spot Guide

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Witch's Rock Surf Camp
Witch's Rock Surf Camp is located beach front in Tamarindo

This is another wave that is included in Endless Summer 2.

This often perfect wave is located in front of the Santa Rosa National Park, which makes it difficult to access. In contrast to Ollie’s Point it is possible to camp at the beach and paddle out to the wave. But this is no picnic trip where you should bring your non-surfing partner. The road inside the park is only doable in a 4x4, sometimes sections can become impassable. During the rainy season the road is completely closed! You should always inform yourself about the actual road conditions.

All this adventure can turn a trip to Witches Rock into a real old school surf exploration trip. There is only one thing that can destroy this Christopher Columbus feeling, the boats with surfers. Yes, this is the second option how to reach this great wave. Boats can be rented in Playas del Coco or Playa Flamingo to take you to Witches Rock. When you drove there it can give you the same feeling that you have when you climbed up a mountain with a ski lift.
When you camp and have to paddle out watch out for crocodiles in the estuary! There are rumors about a crocodile swimming through the line up. I never met anyone who actually saw one. Sounds like a rumor to scare the crowds away.

Witches Rock produces the best waves during mid- to high tide. At low tide the waves break close out. This is one o the few locations where the water can get chilly and a 2 mm wetsuit might come handy. The waves hear break to the left and to the right.

Photos of Witches Rock

This is how Witches Rock looks from a boat.

The locals call this spot Roca Bruja. There are often strong offshore winds, like in the photo.


Witches Rock on the map