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Tide Chart Puntarenas, Pacific Ocean August 2021

Certain spots in Costa Rica are extremely tide sensitive. If it's high tide or low tide can often mean the difference between being able to surf a particular spot or not.

New places, may have dangers that you do not know about. So it's always a good idea to observe waves during low tide and look for exposed rocks or a shallow reef.

Day High Low High Low High Phase
Sun 01   2:24AM 1.8ft 8:54AM 8.0ft 3:09PM 2.0ft 9:23PM 6.9ft  
Mon 02   3:14AM 2.3ft 9:47AM 7.7ft 4:06PM 2.2ft 10:24PM 6.7ft  
Tue 03   4:11AM 2.6ft 10:44AM 7.5ft 5:07PM 2.2ft 11:27PM 6.7ft  
Wed 04   5:12AM 2.7ft 11:41AM 7.6ft 6:06PM 2.0ft    
Thu 05 12:25AM 6.8ft 6:12AM 2.6ft 12:36PM 7.7ft 6:58PM 1.7ft    
Fri 06 1:18AM 7.2ft 7:07AM 2.3ft 1:25PM 8.0ft 7:44PM 1.3ft    
Sat 07 2:03AM 7.6ft 7:55AM 1.9ft 2:11PM 8.4ft 8:26PM 0.9ft    
Sun 08 2:45AM 8.1ft 8:39AM 1.4ft 2:54PM 8.7ft 9:06PM 0.5ft   New Moon
Mon 09 3:24AM 8.6ft 9:21AM 1.0ft 3:34PM 9.0ft 9:43PM 0.2ft    
Tue 10 4:02AM 9.0ft 10:02AM 0.6ft 4:15PM 9.1ft 10:21PM 0.0ft    
Wed 11 4:40AM 9.3ft 10:42AM 0.3ft 4:55PM 9.2ft 10:59PM −0.1ft    
Thu 12 5:19AM 9.5ft 11:24AM 0.2ft 5:36PM 9.1ft 11:39PM −0.0ft    
Fri 13 6:00AM 9.5ft 12:08PM 0.2ft 6:19PM 8.8ft      
Sat 14   12:21AM 0.2ft 6:44AM 9.4ft 12:54PM 0.4ft 7:06PM 8.5ft  
Sun 15   1:07AM 0.5ft 7:32AM 9.2ft 1:45PM 0.7ft 7:59PM 8.1ft First Quarter
Mon 16   1:58AM 0.9ft 8:26AM 8.9ft 2:43PM 1.0ft 9:00PM 7.7ft  
Tue 17   2:57AM 1.3ft 9:28AM 8.6ft 3:48PM 1.2ft 10:08PM 7.5ft  
Wed 18   4:05AM 1.5ft 10:37AM 8.4ft 4:59PM 1.2ft 11:21PM 7.6ft  
Thu 19   5:18AM 1.6ft 11:47AM 8.5ft 6:08PM 1.0ft    
Fri 20 12:29AM 7.9ft 6:30AM 1.4ft 12:51PM 8.7ft 7:11PM 0.6ft    
Sat 21 1:30AM 8.4ft 7:33AM 1.0ft 1:49PM 9.0ft 8:05PM 0.2ft    
Sun 22 2:24AM 8.9ft 8:28AM 0.6ft 2:41PM 9.3ft 8:54PM −0.1ft   Full Moon
Mon 23 3:12AM 9.3ft 9:16AM 0.3ft 3:28PM 9.4ft 9:38PM −0.3ft    
Tue 24 3:56AM 9.6ft 10:01AM 0.1ft 4:12PM 9.4ft 10:19PM −0.3ft    
Wed 25 4:37AM 9.6ft 10:44AM 0.1ft 4:54PM 9.2ft 10:58PM −0.1ft    
Thu 26 5:18AM 9.5ft 11:24AM 0.3ft 5:35PM 8.8ft 11:37PM 0.3ft    
Fri 27 5:57AM 9.2ft 12:04PM 0.6ft 6:16PM 8.4ft      
Sat 28   12:15AM 0.7ft 6:37AM 8.8ft 12:45PM 1.0ft 6:58PM 7.8ft  
Sun 29   12:54AM 1.3ft 7:18AM 8.3ft 1:29PM 1.4ft 7:43PM 7.3ft  
Mon 30   1:36AM 1.8ft 8:03AM 7.8ft 2:17PM 1.9ft 8:35PM 6.8ft Last Quarter
Tue 31   2:24AM 2.3ft 8:56AM 7.4ft 3:14PM 2.2ft 9:37PM 6.5ft